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If you are a job seeker, searching for your dream jobs, searching for a quick way to find a job now to pay the bills, lost interest and wish to find a new challenge, searching for a new start, a better company, searching for a full-time job or Part-time job, searching for a freelancer job, searching for a seasonal job like on Christmas or a on public holidays, want to be part of the setup up team for a conference or an event like the Warsaw Comic con, want to volunteer and be part of a charity event, searching for a new team to be part of, wish to join a knowledgeable and experienced team to learn from and add value to.

That’s why we are here, that’s what we can help you achieve. we will work on finding the right job you have been searching for and that’s where our structured and thorough profile comes in.

We have ensured that the profile details needed are designed to give employers a clearer vision on your skillset, provide them with a better understanding and overview on your work history, education, the different languages you have learned “Polish/ English/ French/ German/ Dutch/ Danish/ …etc.” and your language proficiency, then will review your video Curriculum Vitae…etc. so when an employer accept your resume and schedule an interview, the probability of you being accepted is way higher than before.

Register and fill in the details needed to give us all the information to find you the job you are seeking.

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If Technical Issue Was Faced, How To Delete My Account?

  • Kindly send us an email to and we will send you a confirmation email once your profile and details had been deleted from our website.

What’s A Video Resume?

  • A video resume is an effective way to standout and showcase your ability, communication skills and experience beyond the traditional paper based resumes most of the people are currently use.
  • Video Resume gives the employer the opportunity to get the feel of your personality and capabilities even before meeting you in an interview.
  • Video Resume will give you an edge to stand out from the crowd.

How To Create A Video Resume?

  • Be Professional: Dress as if you are going to an interview, avoid using slang, and choose the background of your video shoot “it can be a simple as a white plain background”
  • Prepare A Script: you will need to prepare a script for what do you want to say and introduce in your Video Resume. Don’t read form the script as it will make your Resume dull. You need to focus on your added value to the company you want to join, your skills, your professional goals and your accomplishments.
  • Your Audience: you will need to research the company you wish to join, before recording your Video Resume and customize the script, background…etc accordingly.
  • Make It Brief: your Video resume needs to be between 30 to 90 seconds’ max, so use them wisely.

** A video Resume is not a replacement for the traditional Resume, it’s a plus that would make you stand out in the selection process.

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